Listings for Twintips (2)

SOLD2016 North Gonzales. 9 months ago. Under , by . The Gonzales is one of the easiest to ride kiteboards around. In the smaller sizes it is smooth and forgiving, the larger sizes are perfect for beginners and larger riders. When you are firs... VIEW MORE. 198 total views, 0 today. No Comments

Axis Vanguard 2014

$400.00 2014 Axis Vanguard. 10 months ago. Under , by . The 2014 Axis Vanguard features a pronounced full length 4 channel bottom, a Paulownia wood core with top and bottom layers of Uni Carbon and 3 holes for adjusting stance width and 5 options... VIEW MORE. 778 total views, 9 today. 1 Comment